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Month: April, 2004


Apparently this person would be happier to pay for Red Hat Enterprise Linux if we removed open source code from the Fedora Project and included it only in Red Hat Enterprise Linux under a proprietary license. He says we don’t understand “value add,” but maybe this is one of those RMS is right moments (see […]

Congrats Jeff and Pipka

Glad to hear the good news. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-04.html#30.2)


Testing timestamp support. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-04.html#30.3)

Kernel backports

I’m kind of amused by this discussion of kernel backports. As I pointed out earlier, we should hand the kernel hackers a copy of the GNOME release process. Asking vendors not to backport is conceivable if you have regular releases. If you don’t have regular releases, then there’s no way vendors can ever work on […]


I realized today that all the talk about Longhorn is “look how cool the technology is” – Avalon, XAML, WinFS, blah blah. This includes the noise coming from Microsoft. There is some small amount of Aero user experience info, but most of it describes building blocks – a sidebar that can hold tiles, a notification […]

2004-04-14 (Wednesday)

Glynn, unfortunately fascinating isn’t the only metric. 😉 I should clarify exactly what I think James Gosling gets wrong: he says the Gnome world has “formless dreads,” I think the concerns are in fact very detailed, rational, and well-understood, though there’s some noise and some inability to post legal advice that may make this hard […]

2004-04-13 (Tuesday)

Joining the club promoting the O’Reilly conference, see my talk on D-BUS. Also, rml stole my title! But I plan to go listen to him anyway, and perhaps buy him some beers. D-BUS development looks like it’s moving again, at least a bit: Michael Meeks, Jon Trowbridge, Olivier Andrieu, Thomas Leonard and others on the […]

Java licensing

James Gosling claims that there’s a patent grant for Java, but he does not understand the issues fully. Here is what he says: There has been a big debate about implementation languages in the Gnome world. It’s been all over the map, but one point of concern has been a set of formless dreads about […]

2004-04-09 (Friday)

Of course I have to agree with Luis that sticking as close to trunk as possible is best – that’s one of the big reasons we switched to the 6-month time-based releases, to keep “what the developers are working on” and “what users are using” as in-sync is possible. If you want to see wasted […]

2004-04-08 (Thursday)

Four new desktop developers joined Red Hat in the last week; keeping me busy. One of the slides at my linux.conf.au talk on the desktop was Commercial Involvement Will Grow, and I had these bullet points: Companies have contributed relatively little to the desktop so far; perhaps a tenth of what’s been contributed on the […]