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Month: September, 2004

2004-09-21 (Tuesday)

Daniel kicking ass supporting inotify, fixing rhgb, and the valgrinding. Now to fix all those valgrind errors in metacity. 😉 Oddly enough, I was just watching Seven Samurai on Sunday night. I’ve been a fan of the movie since I read the book The Last Samurai (which has nothing to do with the Tom Cruise […]

Volume Control

I get that some sound geeks care about things like “PCM,” but here is the actual sequence I just went through: Boot computer. Open CD player. No sound; note that volume applet is at 0, turn it up. No sound; push the little volume buttons on the Thinkpad. No sound; open volume control, turn up […]

Session Management, Notification Area

Mark discusses notification area and session management. On notification area: I agree with Seth that the way to fix this is to make it possible to programmatically add/remove applets with sane results; essentially this means that applets autoposition intelligently. I can imagine something like manually moving an applet changes its “autoposition parameters” (left vs. right […]

Stateless Linux

Today we are announcing the stateless Linux project, the goal: a uniform framework to cover all common ways of instantiating a centralized OS install read-only on multiple physical or virtual computers. The details of instantiating the OS on an individual computer may vary, from diskless to read-only local cache to live CD. Because there’s no […]

Open Source Software Subscriptions

When I end up explaining the same thing over and over, I try to get around to writing it down. So, pretty often I talk to someone who doesn’t track the open source world on a daily basis, and doesn’t understand the idea behind Red Hat Enterprise Linux: it’s a subscription, but to what? Red […]