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Month: October, 2004

Python can be my friend again

I made my program work, and have to admit that it would have taken a lot longer in any other language (due to either intrinsic or logistical issues with said languages). Though I am still grumpy about codeset conversion: >>> f = open(“/tmp/foo1”, “w”) >>> fb = open(“/tmp/foo2”, “wb”) >>> s = u’\N{ARABIC LETTER KHAH}’ […]

Python anger

Fighting with Python. Has anyone else noticed that it’s really hard to figure out how to use the standard library? There aren’t type declarations, the API conventions are all over the map, and the docs are often pretty uninformative. But the thing that really has me upset is this. By default, the standard Python “print” […]

Kernel to userspace

Reading this thread on a kernelspace keyring, which I don’t pretend to know a lot about (I was just curious from seeing the name of the patch in LWN, and found the thread via google). However, the thread shows how differently some kernel developers and userspace developers are still thinking about problems. Linus says: “I’m […]