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Month: February, 2005

Motivation for Proposing Ideas

One of the more annoying properties of the Internet is that no matter what you post to your blog (or mailing list, or chat) people add comments like: “that isn’t new, the Amiga had it in 1987” or “that isn’t new, we did that with punch cards in 1953” or “Longhorn has that already” or […]

Terminal tuning

Jeff, the thing to remember about terminal performance is that you can trade off update rate with throughput to your heart’s content. That is, to make a really fast terminal, never update the screen until the child process stops outputting. To make a really slow terminal, update the screen every time the child process outputs […]


Two simpler approaches to the theme thing: Like OS X, just scrap the idea of themes and hardcode an application-specific design into each app. Limit the problem to layout. So have a layout widget that looks up the layout of an entire window from resource files, and allow themes to intercept the lookup to modify […]

Conferences Finally Over

What an exhausting week; XDevConf last weekend, LWE, then FUDCon. Really enjoyed FUDCon today, I thought it went really well. Big thanks to the organizers. We also had a very productive meeting yesterday with some of the major external contributors and some Red Hat people; decisions were reached and action items assigned on a variety […]