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Ah geez, again I foolishly fail to remember that phrasing things a certain way results in Slashdot articles which inevitably have misleading headlines and summaries. For the record, my point is not that we should do a GNOME 3 (especially right now), and it definitely isn’t that I personally intend to do a GNOME 3. […]

6-month cycle

Adding to my previous post a bit, regarding the 6-month cycle: I don’t think going 6 to 9 months is at all useful for enabling GNOME 3. GNOME 3 is a bigger effort than that. We should pick the release cycle to benefit GNOME 2, not GNOME 3. And I think GNOME 2 is running […]


My take on the GNOME 3 discussion is that we have multiple goals at the moment which are truly in conflict. On the one hand, we have the fairly traditional desktop of today, with some growing userbase, and it’s important not to break it. Most of the employed-to-work-on-GNOME developers are focused on this. On the […]