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Month: September, 2005


If you write an application or a dialog called “____________ Manager,” be sure it’s called that because your software does the managing. Imagine a bookshelf and a disorganized pile of books, and you get to pick them up and alphabetize them yourself. In software this would be called a “book manager.” In real life it’s […]

Tor UI Contest

I’m pretty sure this UI contest is 100% broken by design. My entry to the contest would be this mockup (hey, maybe I’d do it in Glade instead of ASCII art if entering for real): [ ] Enable anonymous Internet I could flesh out the spec and show the other state the UI has: [x] […]

Full circle

I just got a paper envelope in snail mail advertising a search engine listing service. The spammers have reverted to analog… (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-09.html#6)