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Miguel, that’s cool, I know SOAP (with a library) doesn’t involve a ton of application code. My point is more that (to me) it’s just not worth learning about for this sort of thing. If you want to get a couple of pieces of data on an Amazon product you just do “get url contents” […]

Theme Systems

Regarding GTK+ themes, I think the metacity approach to themes worked out pretty well. You could definitely improve on the details (inventing my own little expression language was kinda weird, and there are lots of feature requests for the format). But metacity themes are “just data” rather than code while remaining reasonably flexible. Arguably you […]

Adventures in Web 2.0

Over the holidays I thought I’d play with the Amazon and eBay web services APIs. What a contrast! I got Amazon working in a couple of hours, and eBay… well, it’s two days later and I’m starting to feel stupid. For Amazon, to get information on a product you just register to get an ID […]