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Month: August, 2006


Hmm, Luis mentions this AOL-as-badware report. While some of the stuff is plainly bad, such as the fact that you can’t uninstall fully, I can’t agree with some of it. e.g. Google Talk also does automatic updating, and I think it’s exemplary good software behavior; the alternative is all the apps that install a “check […]


Deadly trap all Java programmers should know: URL.equals() and URL.hashCode() resolve the hostname in the URL, then compare equality by IP address. Which means 1) these methods are way too slow and 2) virtual hosts break them – every RSS feed URL on blogspot.com (for example) compares equal. This innocent-looking code to cache RSS feeds […]

Stacking Blocks

Two months ago we launched a limited user trial of our Mugshot prototype, and have learned a lot since then, both about the user experience and about how to keep the server from falling over. Thanks to everyone who’s been helping out, we’ve had good comments, advice, and patches. On the user experience front we’ve […]

Javascript curmudgeoning

I’ve been known to complain about Javascript before. The thing that’s bugging me this week: attempts to claim its misfeatures are a positive. First we have this tutorial on splice(): Using the example, try entering bad data in the boxes. Try entering letters (numbers are needed). Try entering numbers too large or small for the […]

Red Hat survey

A team at Red Hat is looking for people to take this survey entitled “what do you think of us?” – if you have a chance I’m sure they’d appreciate your help. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2006-08.html#3)