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Month: July, 2007

Direction: Abstract vs. Specific

There’s some talk on desktop-devel-list about exactly what “online desktop” means, and in private mail I got a good suggestion to focus it such that end users would understand. “Online Desktop” is an abstraction. First, let me try to convince you that it’s more specific than what GNOME purports to be about right now. Then […]

Last 5%

Talking to lots of developers at GUADEC about their designs, I’m reminded of the hardest thing to get right in software engineering: when are you doing too much of it? The “agile development” model is to always do as little as possible, adding code and design complexity only as needed. I’m a big fan of […]

Keynote Reactions

Lost my voice last night talking to people about our GNOME Online Desktop keynote. I’ll try to remember some interesting things people brought up. Some commenters thought the talk wasn’t alarmist enough and should have more strongly stressed the urgency of the situation. I don’t think we need to panic but I do think a […]

Online Desktop Talk

For those not at GUADEC, we put up some slides and screencasts from our talk about GNOME Online Desktop. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2007-07.html#17)


Since it’s come up at GUADEC, I wanted to post a bit about D-Bus licensing. D-Bus is dual licensed under your choice of the GPL or the Academic Free License 2.1. The AFL is essentially an MIT/X11 style license, i.e. “you can do almost anything” – however, it has the following patent clause: This License […]

Nonrecursive make advocacy

When I set up the Mugshot client build I noticed that the automake manual suggests a non-recursive setup, so I thought I’d try it. I’ve used a non-recursive setup for every project since. The automake manual points to the classic 1997 paper, Recursive Make Considered Harmful, if you want the detailed rationale. My first attempt […]

jhbuild modules for online desktop

I added a jhbuild moduleset for online desktop related modules such as the canvas, local-export-daemon, bigboard, etc. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2007-07.html#5)

Ideas that won’t die

gnomedesktop.org linked to a VentureCake article on ways to improve GNOME. While the article covers a lot of ground, as a kind of aside it brings up the age-old “X would be faster if it knew about widgets and not just drawing” theory. I wonder why this theory comes up repeatedly – it is one […]