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Month: August, 2007

John Markoff Goes Online

I don’t think John Markoff at the New York Times knows about the GNOME Online Desktop effort, but Owen noticed this blog post where Markoff works around a hard drive crash with a Linux LiveCD and web-based apps, just as we’ve proposed. He calls it Computing in the Cloud. What I discovered was that – […]

Money Math

While I’m on financial topics, if you don’t know how to do “time value of money” math you should stop and learn about it right now. For all I know I’m the only person who didn’t learn this in high school, but in case there’s someone else, here’s a blog post. Because of inflation and […]

Investment Perspective

This week’s Fortune magazine has a scary black cover and says “Market Shock 2007.” The market drop was 10%! Not very large in historical terms, and it comes after a huge gain. But from the news (in Fortune and almost everywhere else) it sounds like we should be freaking out. I thought I’d post the […]