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Month: November, 2007

Linux for Consumers

For years now I’ve complained about the term “desktop” – an evil word that blinds us to more interesting opportunities to use free software in consumer-facing products. Look at all the recent examples. Built on GNOME technology, we’ve had Maemo from Nokia and OpenMoko for a while, and One Laptop Per Child. More recently, we […]

Online Desktop Tour

I wrote a short Red Hat Magazine article, complete with screenshots, touring online desktop in Fedora 8. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2007-11.html#13)

GNOME Fonts Broken By Default

Apparently someone has decided to be pedantic and set my font DPI to 50 by default. Without changing some number of other things, this is a regression, and broken. To avoid the many problems this creates the decision was made long ago to simply make the DPI always 96. This is also what Windows does, […]