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Month: July, 2008

Dell Studio Hybrid

Today several people pointed out the new Dell Studio Hybrid, which looks pretty interesting. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-07.html#29)


Reading Planet Mozilla, Vladimir says programming is like this and like this. Love it. (I’d seen the Mario video before, but I wasn’t clever enough to notice it’s the perfect metaphor for software development…) (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-07.html#28)

TV Computer Build

If assembling a system from parts, it looks better to get a somewhat larger case with a case fan, rather than a tiny case with a CPU fan. A maybe-working example of this could be: Silverstone GD02 case $160 Silverstone fanless power supply $140 An oddly-shaped heatsink apparently designed to fit in the GD02 case […]

TV Computer Update

Still looking for my perfect TV computer. Thanks to everyone for suggestions so far, I really appreciate it. Several people expressed interest in hearing any answers, so I’ll keep posting what I learn. Ideas suggested so far: Intel DG45FC mini-ITX with X4500HD graphics in something like the SilverStone LC06 fanless case. Playstation 3. Mac Mini. […]

TV Computer

I want a computer with the following specs to connect to a TV: No fans (on case, CPU, GPU, or anywhere else) HD/BluRay-capable GPU (I think this rules out the older pre-965 Intel GPUs for example, though figuring out Intel’s product names is beyond me, so I can’t tell most of the time what a […]

GTK 3 thoughts

Chris Blizzard said it struck him at GUADEC that there were two very different initiatives, desktop and mobile, happening in the GNOME community. Miguel’s post on GTK+ 3.0 reminded me of Chris’s comment. In the mobile world GTK+ is not quite ideal, and GTK+ based platforms are in the early-to-mid stages, not the highly-mature stage. […]

Error Codes

API design rule: error codes alone are not a reasonable way to report errors. You need a mechanism that can return a helpful string. Like exceptions in most languages, or GError in C. You can return an error code also, if appropriate. A helpful string does NOT mean some generic string form of the error […]