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Month: August, 2008

Embeddable languages

Chris mentions JavaScript embedding using SpiderMonkey. When GNOME first started out, there was much talk of using Guile as an embedded language. The concept was similar to the architecture of Emacs, Firefox, or all the games using Lua (such as World of Warcraft). I would define an “embedded” language as one that doesn’t come with […]

Return on Equity

Most people know about the price/earnings ratio. If you want to learn one more thing about financial numbers, return on equity could be a good choice. Return on equity is annual profit divided by net worth. If you have $100 in net worth, and make $10 in annual profit, then you are making 10% ROE. […]


Even though I spend all day as a software developer, I find it useful to understand something about financial and business topics. Many people (including a much younger version of myself) reflexively dismiss business – marketing, finance, etc. – as irrelevant to them. Sometimes this is because people think of business as in some way […]