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Month: September, 2008

Why the credit crisis matters

In an effort to outdo other software developers in nerdiness, I read a blog called Accrued Interest, subtitle “Come for the analysis and research on the U.S. Bond market. Stay for the geeky Star Wars references.” Accrued Interest has a nice explanation of how the credit crisis affects everyone. Here’s another good one from the […]

A less ideological health plan

I’ve been wondering for a while why nobody contrasts Obama’s health care proposal with some of the past Democratic proposals. It’s a market-based, incremental proposal, that makes use of existing programs and existing insurance companies. Today Obama’s campaign has a new ad making this point, so I guess I’m on their wavelength. After my What […]


Worst stock plunge in 20 years. Here’s a relevant post from last year, when the stock plunge was much less dramatic. Lessons for the next bull market (yes there will be one eventually): Low interest rates and high liquidity do not mean stock prices will stay up. Those things are indicators of insufficient risk premiums, […]

Tax policy

Nice, factual, 1-chart explanation of the competing tax proposals. (Thanks Luis.) Barack Obama’s policy proposals. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2008-09.html#14)

What happened to John McCain?

McCain was always the respectable Republican, who opposed tax cuts without spending cuts, did not deny environmental threats, had a reasonable approach to immigration, and was against the scorched-earth Rove-style politics. Somehow he has reversed himself on all of these things while running for president. It’s not even clear he still opposes torture (see this […]

Synchronous IO Never OK

“If synchronous IO becomes a problem, it can be made asynchronous later.” Tempting to imagine that some operations on local files are “fast enough” to implement with synchronous IO. “Premature optimization is the root of all evil,” right? Wishful thinking. Async vs. sync IO is not a performance issue (in fact synchronous IO can be […]