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Month: March, 2011

Keep the JVM, dump the rest (Scala+Play+MongoDB)

I decided to try three new things at once and get back into some server-side development. Scala uses the JVM for the hard work, but feels more like Ruby or Python. It’s statically-typed, but for the most part infers types rather than making you type them in. Play ignores the Tomcat/J2EE legacy in favor of […]

Why I hope my kid won’t like The Phantom Menace…

… because it’s a terrible movie, but I have one other reason. We have a young child and I read parenting books. More than one talks about agency and effort. If you emphasize innate attributes rather than choices and habits, people get messed up.  They value themselves in terms of something they have no control […]

NY Times Digital Pricing: It’s Strange

As the Times rolls out its paywall, their message is that quality content should cost money. Their price segmentation undermines the message. In theory, price segmentation can be arbitrary. In practice, consumers want it to be logical and feel that it’s fair. content + phone app = 15 content + tablet app = 20 content […]