2003-09-04 (Thursday)

by havoc

nobody coding it so
far that I know of, a few people expressed some interest but I
haven’t seen code. Red Hat is definitely interested.
Right now though all I have time to do is try to talk somebody
into working on it. 😉

Spent Labor Day weekend hacking on D-BUS in
response to comments people made at Nove Hrady. Everyone
likes this
. I posted my photos as well.

In any case, I got object paths working as discussed on the
mailing list
and also coded up but didn’t yet test
auto-exporting of set/get methods based on GObject property
introspection. At the moment, to write a D-BUS server you simply
write a GObject, and register it with
dbus_connection_register_gobject(). Properties and signals are then
automatically available remotely. To export methods, you have to
add introspection data about them by calling
dbus_gobject_class_install_info() in your class_init(), which allows
D-BUS to marshal existing C functions on the object. The “idl
compiler” won’t do much; it just creates a static variable
definition which is the info you pass to
dbus_gobject_class_install_info(). You are also free to type in the
variable definition by hand if you like, or to autogenerate it from
source code much like a language binding. Comments to message-bus-list.

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