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Month: October, 2003


Seth: “Stop worrying about ideas and get back to work” isn’t an accurate paraphrase. I prefer: if you have an idea, do the work to make it happen. The realistic path is probably twisty – having a goal in mind does not imply a straight line to get there. Sometimes the work involves writing code; […]


Seth: for every cool thing that someone does, there were 100 people sitting around saying “we should do something cool” 😉 Keep making it happen. People forget too quickly how huge some of the battles were that made GNOME what it is today. In my day, we didn’t have time-based releases or basic UI sanity […]


Speaking of copying Microsoft instead of innovating, should gnome-vfs really be a UNIX-like interface to bytestreams, or should it be more, say a general purpose data model with an evolutionary upgrade path from the hierarchical filesystem and features such as cross-machine synchronization. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2003-10.html#29)

2003-10-13 (Monday)

I’m well into Robert Love’s new book, Linux Kernel Development. The book rocks; a concise, readable explanation of all the major pieces of the kernel, how they work, how to use them. Now if only I had time to apply this knowledge. 😉 Really I just want to sound cool by using a lot of […]


Since GTK+ went UTF-8, GTK+ programs have had to figure out text encoding (even for Latin-1 users, who often happily ignored it before). The rule we beat people over the head with is that all text must be either: In some way encoding-tagged, like HTML Defined by specification to be in a particular encoding Joel […]

2003-10-08 (Wednesday)

I bought a new notebook, so am geeking out with that. Fedora Core is working nicely. Sadly, no drivers for the built-in Cisco wireless card, other than the not-in-the-upstream-kernel ones and they just oops on load. Lockdown discussion resumes, which is great. So nice to have a lot of interest in this at last. GNOME […]


Tried jumping to GNOME 2.5, with some broken local gconf changes. Lost all my settings. Then GTK+ 2.3 rather than 2.2 breaks the GTK+ version of Emacs somehow; the buffer and the toolbar end up with focus at the same time. So every time you hit Enter while editing it activates one of the toolbar […]