2003-10-13 (Monday)

by havoc

I’m well into Robert Love’s new book, Linux Kernel
. The book rocks; a concise, readable explanation of
all the major pieces of the kernel, how they work, how to use
them. Now if only I had time to apply this knowledge. 😉 Really I
just want to sound cool by using a lot of kernel jargon.

Question: if you wrote a similar guide to the implementation of the
desktop, how much longer would the book be? Define the desktop as say
“GNOME/OpenOffice.org/Mozilla/Evolution plus dependencies.” There’s
so much code involved.

If all this code together had a Linus-like global architect, what
would be different about the implementation? What’s the impact of
having dozens of separate projects coming together into a whole?

Intolerable Cruelty
was a lot of fun, reminded me of His Girl Friday.

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