2003-12-06 (Saturday)

by havoc

Some desktop developers at Red Hat have migrated to our Boston office
over the last couple of years. Plus some new hires have started out
there. Net result, it turns out everyone is in Boston and I’m in
Raleigh. So I decided to follow the trend and go where the action is.

This week we made a second trip to look for a place to live, and
finally succeeded despite a massive snowstorm. One less worry, though
something could still go wrong in theory.

The house we may soon own was built in 1890 and has a white picket
fence and an apple tree. We looked at a lot of houses and condos, and
the choices are old and classic or new and sort of blah. A couple of
new-ish houses that were nice, but not a lot. Mostly designed with a
view to bullet points instead of good taste.

I love modern houses, this
is really nice for example, but these houses exist primarily
in magazines. The opposite extreme can be fun too though.

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