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Month: January, 2004


The hard bits of moving and housing now done! All that remains is to catch a plane back to Raleigh, hop in the car, and drive the car up to our house. Well, modulo some details. Some new developers start at Red Hat this week, which we’re excited about. We’re giving some open source desktop […]


Packed my cube yesterday, only a couple hours of going through the pile of paper on my desk. I was amazed at the age of the paper on the bottom. GNOME nostalgia packed includes the squeaky rubber GNOME (see item 7), an original Ximian monkey, and the big GNOME foot used for conference booths back […]

linux.conf.au ends

Well, it isn’t quite over yet. Still going back for closing comments in a couple hours. Very nice conference overall. Gave a keynote talk this morning, which just destroyed my throat somehow, though it was only an hour of talking. I suggested deciding who to buy your Linux desktop from by comparing this photo with […]


Successfully arrived at linux.conf.au. So far the awesomest conference ever; Michael kindly picked us up at the airport, hotel room is sweet, free Internet in the hotel and around the city, nice bag/hat/shirt, the works. Adelaide is a beautiful city from what I’ve seen, very similar to California. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-01.html#12)


Leaving now for linux.conf.au, hopefully I’ll reappear on the other side in 30 hours time. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-01.html#10)

2004-01-05 (Monday)

Frederic, indeed, thanks for the desktop-file-utils hacking. And yeah, sorry about the code quality. A quick hack mutated out of control… Interesting discussion of activation continues on message-bus-list, see also the earlier posts and an older thread. Seth Nickell will be in Raleigh for orientation tomorrow. Due to amazingly fast relocation skills, he’s the first […]

2004-01-04 (Sunday)

Let’s see if my custom weblog hack can handle multiple years… Need help and volunteers for the D-BUS todo list, we need to get a lot of those things fixed before we can ship D-BUS in a release. There’s substantial work left, even though people seem to be using D-BUS left and right. Some high-level […]