by havoc

Packed my cube yesterday, only a couple hours of going through the
pile of paper on my desk. I was amazed at the age of the paper on the
bottom. GNOME nostalgia packed includes the squeaky rubber GNOME (see
), an original Ximian monkey, and the big GNOME foot used for
conference booths back in the day. I also packed the N64 used for
daily RHAD Labs bomberman games over the 1999-2002 period or so.
A tradition worth restarting.

Tomorrow the packers come to put our apartment in boxes and we’ll be
camping on floors for a week and a half while it’s all in transit.

Fedora People
is very nice to have, given the horrible signal-to-noise of
fedora-devel. Our new leader Christian declared priority 1: setting up
CVS and build infrastructure, a prioritization I agree with
strongly. Once we get that all else will follow. It’s really an
enormous technical challenge on some level, but the right thing to do
is “screw it, do something broken and fast for now, evolve it later.”

I thought it would be fun to give Seth the redhat-menus package
(contains the menu files for Fedora and RHEL). Read the bugs on this
package and you’ll understand the pain. Seth we love you. My other
packages mostly remain unowned at the moment; Alex and Jonathan are
picking up the critical issues. However, some new faces are arriving

Imendio is rocking with some D-BUS enhancements. Nice to see that
moving forward.

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