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Month: March, 2004

2004-03-30 (Tuesday)

Bad Bush. Gave a short talk about the desktop at the Red Hat World Tour event near MIT yesterday; lots of people showed up for the talks, including Richard Stallman. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-03.html#30)

2004-03-26 (Friday)

Since people are asking about the AFL again, here is the story. The idea of the license is to be an X/BSD-type license written in proper best-practice legalese (see below). There’s a patent clause right now that was well-intentioned but kind of broken; a revision to address the patent concern is supposed to be in […]

2004-03-21 (Sunday)

Been getting more and more email on the subject of Java, Mono, C++, etc.; not clear I can ever reply to all the points raised 😉 I still don’t think anyone has addressed my #1 worry however, as I tried to point out in my last blog post: forking and fragmentation are the outcome if […]

2004-03-21 (Sunday)

I’m trying to imagine the target demographic for this product. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-03.html#21.4)

2004-03-21 (Sunday)

Miguel summarizes my argument as “we need to pick Java to avoid fragmentation,” I’d put it more generally “we need to pick a viable compromise,” again my attempt to summarize options people have brought up: Stick to C/C++ for the forseeable future; possibly enhanced by UNO or XPCOM or equivalent. Build a third language and […]

2004-03-21 (Sunday)

Miguel writes: Havoc, you are skipping over the fact that a viable compromise for the community is not a viable compromise for some products, and hence why you see some companies picking a particular technology as I described at length below. To be clear, I don’t mind if companies unilaterally choose a technology to use […]

2004-03-21 (Sunday)

Christian writes: As for the (l)ongoing language debate I think we need to allow for people to both use Java and C# (or any other language) that has a big enough community around it to ensure that bindings are kept up to date and follows the development of the rest of the desktop. I agree […]

Language Advocacy Followup

Lots of good replies to my post on higher-level language support in the desktop, including other blogs, private mail, and a lively discussion in the halls and internal lists at Red Hat. I want to try to summarize some of the feedback and answer the details, but not enough time tonight. I do want to […]

Language Advocacy

I decided life was too boring, we need to finally discuss Mono, Java, and the Linux desktop. Here are my thoughts, hopefully a productive start. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-03.html#17)

2004-03-08 (Monday)

Maybe everyone but me already saw this, but Sun rewrites Evolution in Java Swing. Yay, an “open source” mail/calendar client with a dependency on a proprietary JDK. Yay, let’s rewrite a couple million lines of code and fragment the Linux desktop platform; clearly the way to beat Microsoft. In other news, increasing dependencies on the […]