2004-03-08 (Monday)

by havoc

Maybe everyone but me already saw this, but Sun rewrites Evolution in
Java Swing
. Yay, an “open source” mail/calendar client with a
dependency on a proprietary JDK. Yay, let’s rewrite a couple million
lines of code and fragment the Linux desktop platform; clearly the way
to beat Microsoft.

In other news, increasing dependencies on the proprietary JDK in
OO.org, which forces the codebase shipped by Red Hat, Debian, and
other companies who won’t rely on a JDK license from Sun to diverge
more and more from the mainline. Not to mention the StarOffice
vs. OpenOffice.org delta.

Let’s not talk about forking the window
on a fundamental level – I’m curious how they plan to use
this, because GTK+ and GNOME sure as hell aren’t taking patches to use
a proprietary window system. Oh, rewrite everything in Swing! 😉
Or fork the GTK+ API?

Of course, this is probably good for everyone else; Sun has to fund
proprietary-size development teams while everyone else benefits from
the open source model. Sun JDS – your nonstandard proprietary desktop
solution. Buy it today.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-03.html#8.3)

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