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2004-03-08 (Monday)

Maybe everyone but me already saw this, but Sun rewrites Evolution in Java Swing. Yay, an “open source” mail/calendar client with a dependency on a proprietary JDK. Yay, let’s rewrite a couple million lines of code and fragment the Linux desktop platform; clearly the way to beat Microsoft. In other news, increasing dependencies on the […]

2004-03-08 (Monday)

Mike Loukides missed the point of my last post. The virtues of Swing aren’t relevant. Right now you can install Red Hat and Sun JDS and you get the same major components by default: GTK+, GNOME, OpenOffice.org, Evolution, Mozilla. Plus the same choices for some of the smaller apps. Ximian was also in sync with […]

DARPA Grand Challenge

Slashdot just posted the DARPA Grand Challenge, Red Hat desktop developer Daniel Reed is participating. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-03.html#8)