by havoc

Large group of Red Hat hackers went to see Van Helsing last night;
afterward, argument over whether Dan Williams or I had first suggested
it, and which of us should have our ass kicked. Though it was bad, I
was impressed by how over the top elaborate the whole thing was.
Scratching the surface: multiple kinds of monster, slimy alien pods,
VampireVision and WerewolfVision, Rube-Goldberg-meets-Tarzan
action scenes, machine-gun crossbow, Batman grappling hook, exploding
baby vampire gremlins, evil Oompa-Loompas. Every scene is like the
opening stuntfest from a Bond movie, only more so. Nonstop in this
vein for over two and a half loud hours of THX, and then even the
credits were overkilled. It was a certain kind of awe-inspiring.

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