2004-05-21 (Friday)

by havoc

Nat, slippery slope
is a fallacious argument here. Yes XML had Microsoft involved, among
many others. I’d say the difference between XML and .NET is pretty
clear so I won’t belabor the point.

Anyway. I didn’t intend to bring this up this week, Seth posted on it
and I thought I’d comment. But I do continue to believe it would be a
huge mistake for the Linux desktop to adopt Mono, so I can’t do
anything but argue against attempts to encourage same. And I think
this issue is plainly causing a de facto Linux desktop fork at the
moment, however noble the goal.

Regarding whether there are patents: respectfully disagree.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-05.html#21.2)

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