by havoc

Been offline for a couple days, which is always nice. On Friday night
drove a couple hours into New Hampshire to see a Dylan concert –
pretty good, some new material and he did a few new arrangements on
the old standards since I saw him last. Meadowbrook is a nice venue,
very good sound for an outdoor amphitheater.

Saturday morning on a TV cooking show someone made the following

  • Chop up two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts
  • Pour over them one can sweetened condensed milk and one can fruit
  • Stir and bake
  • Make a sauce of one stick of butter, gobs of powdered sugar, and
    rum; pour over the top

My previous example of “most absurdly unhealthy dish ever seen on
a cooking show” was a sort of bacon-wrapped-in-bacon-with-bacon-on-top
nonsense from “Two Fat Ladies.” This Krispy Kreme pudding thing is pretty
competitive though. I guess if you use fruit cocktail in light syrup
instead of regular fruit cocktail it might be OK.

Saturday afternoon visited the Shaker village near Concord, and had
some nice dry barbecue ribs with watermelon and all that. Saw Harry
Potter in the afternoon, and tried a Mexican restaurant in Concord.
Relative to New England (this is a huge caveat), the restaurant was a
pretty good Mexican restaurant. At least they had heard of cilantro
and jalapenos. And the new Harry Potter movie was far better than the
first two.

Had brunch this morning at Common Man restaurant which is sort of a
high-end Cracker Barrel (a mix of Irregardless in Raleigh and Cracker
Barrel, for those who know Raleigh). Pretty decent place.

Excited about the new PJ Harvey album on Tuesday, and have been
enjoying the new Magnetic Fields over the last week.

Anyway, a kind of mini-vacation. Back to the grindstone. 😉

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