by havoc

Someone wrote another TweakUI type
thing instead of whining about gconf-editor. Let’s see how hard this

[hp@localhost src]$ grep ';' *.[hc] | wc -l

Shorter than your average flame mail. Kudos to the author of gTweakUI
for doing the work. Also check out Configurator for GNOME.

While googling for historical discussions of TweakUI I found this
, I haven’t bothered to get involved in this argument for
a while.

On a related note, Seth’s
proposed list of user preferences
, an attempt to top-down design
user prefs (there’s been a lot of organic change since the last
conscious redesign). This tries to factor in things that traditionally
require root, something we haven’t done in the past. The next step is
to map out how the list of prefs maps to user interface elements (some
may be in Nautilus for example, some in control center, or whatever).

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