2004-08-21 (Saturday)

by havoc


What would you tell a good-hearted citizen who is seriously
considering casting their vote for Ralph Nader?

The thrill of Naderism is in telling your Democratic pals that you’re
thinking about ralphing and seeing them get all flushed and earnest
and wring their hands and roll their eyes and moan. Actually going
into the voting booth and ralphing is no great pleasure, compared to
the remorse you’ll feel if Mr. Bush is elected and fresh horrors begin
to unfold and the nadir is reached and the Bushies keep going down,
down, down. I say, Stand tall for Ralph, wear his button, wave his
flag, put on his cologne in the morning, be as ralphic as you like,
but in that private sacred moment, make your X for the Man.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-08.html#21)

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