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Sound juicer

Ross, my favorite feature request for SJ is a better way to handle my CDs that come up “unknown” – it might be nice if SJ supported submitting the info to MusicBrainz? (Doesn’t it use MusicBrainz? I don’t even know.) Also, e.g. MusicBrainz lists two different Daydream Nation but my Daydream Nation comes up as […]

Media player

I got a ton of suggestions for the home music system, it will take me a while to process, try some things, and post results. (Since I know everyone is in suspense to know how the very last hacker on earth to get around to a home music system will set it up.) (This post […]


Luis, if you read Hyperion be sure you have the sequel handy, since the first book pretty much just ends in the middle of the story. The second book seems to have a good stopping point. I haven’t read the other ones. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2004-11.html#20.3)

Source control

I’ve been reading version control system manuals lately for some reason, joining the Colin club. Also talked to Graydon a little bit about monotone since he’s in town for the Java summit. Here’s how I’d like to go about comparing these systems. (I didn’t do it yet, I may be too lazy for now.) We […]