Sound juicer

by havoc

my favorite feature request for SJ is a better way to handle my CDs
that come up “unknown” – it might be nice if SJ supported submitting
the info to MusicBrainz? (Doesn’t
it use MusicBrainz? I don’t even know.) Also, e.g. MusicBrainz lists
two different Daydream
but my Daydream Nation comes up as unrecognized, so perhaps
some sort of feature where you enter the title and artist and it pulls
down the track names, and then sends a new CD signature to MusicBrainz.

That said I really love the simple
just-does-what-I-want-without-a-lot-of-nonsense aspect of Sound Juicer
so feel free to ignore my features to preserve that. 😉

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