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Gotta reply to the
I guess 😉 Or at least some of them.

Why Red Hat is not making any Java-GNOME application?

We’ve been reluctant to start competing with Novell to see who can
write the most code in their favorite language, eventually leading to
two different desktop codebases. Instead there are quiet efforts to
find other solutions.

Coincidentally, Graydon (who has implemented much of Swing on top of
the GTK+-based AWT in Classpath)
posted this
comparing Java-GNOME and GTK#. Basically he ports a GNOME
applet from C# to Java and lines up the code side-by-side to
demonstrate how similar it is. A nice bit of perspective.

Why all of us are not using Eclipse instead of Emacs or vi for
developing GNOME?

Last I tried it (some time ago) the C/C++ support wasn’t good
enough. One of the Eclipse developers tells me that I should try again
when 2.1 comes out and that it’s much better. If I can do this
(and also use a gcj-compiled 100% open source Eclipse) then I would
definitely like to switch to Eclipse.

OK, I’ll let someone else answer the other questions 😉

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