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Month: March, 2005

Microsoft Guy Backs Us Up

Nice article from a Word for Mac developer echoing my stock reply to most Metacity feature requests. Question: will I get more flames or less flames if I start quoting Microsoft in bugzilla? 😉 (Of course the guy is wrong that open source won’t do the root cause thinking, since he describes pretty much exactly […]

Geeks & Enthusiasts

This article says: To sum it all up: OSS developers should learn to live with the fact that their software is no longer exclusively used by geeks and enthusiasts– and if they cannot cope with this, then clearly state that your software is a hobby project– this will save a lot of hassle and takes […]


The thing I like about Pages is the handling of “semantic styles” and their relationship to “text formatting” – while OO.org has a “styles” feature it’s pretty clunky and the details are all wrong. Pages has a good model for how styles relate to the text formatting – to see it you have to enable […]

2005-03-03 (Thursday)

Marc, desktop-backgrounds-extra sounds plausible to me, if I remember that’s the one with outer space photos. The only problem I can think of there is if it’s the same SRPM as fedora-backgrounds (the add/remove suggestions have to be according to SRPM, not RPM). If so then there’s some work to split it apart or maybe […]

AbiWord/Gnumeric and Fedora

I think there’s some misunderstanding here. Several points: For FC4 specifically, there are some hard limits on the size of Core. So lots of stuff had to be moved to Extras – including many things besides AbiWord and Gnumeric – for practical reasons. This is just reality, and I don’t think it’s fair or reasonable […]