2005-03-03 (Thursday)

by havoc

desktop-backgrounds-extra sounds plausible to me, if I remember that’s
the one with outer space photos. The only problem I can think of there
is if it’s the same SRPM as fedora-backgrounds (the add/remove
suggestions have to be according to SRPM, not RPM). If so then there’s
some work to split it apart or maybe just delete it. Probably nobody
thought about removing this package because they were looking at an
SRPM list and so just saw “desktop-backgrounds.”

Of course, if we make that space then why re-add AbiWord rather than
Gnumeric? You see the reality. Somebody is always going to get pissed

I’m assuming that the exact disk space isn’t known until the last
minute (for example, right now we’re rebuilding with gcc 4, which
probably changes the size of everything). I don’t know if this means
that the “dropped from FC3” list will grow or shrink prior to the
final release.

Regarding updates of AbiWord, ultimately Core vs. Extras should not
matter there. We want to enable external maintainers of Core packages,
and we want most of the same rules to apply to Core and Extras. I
think the version of AbiWord in FC3 is probably just what was
available around the FC3 package freeze date.

Personally I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing. To me there is
a path to making AbiWord + Gnumeric + a presentation app into the new
default office suite, and if it were me, becoming the single default
would be my goal. I don’t think Core vs. Extras makes any difference
whatsoever in achieving this goal, honestly.

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