Confusing names

by havoc

People are always using my name for an 37337 nick; most recently
there’s someone posting comments on LWN with login “havoc” (I am
“hp”). Unfortunately these are often not comments I agree with, and
people attribute them to me. Please don’t attribute them to me. For
all I know the same thing happens on Slashdot or other sites where I
don’t usually read the comments.

If you have a name like “John” or “Bob” then presumably people assume
there are lots of people named that, but for “Havoc” many assume I’m
the only one. Other than the X-Men character and the GI Joe vehicle of

Notably, both of those are really lame. Havok is one of the lamest
X-Men, and as that url says about the vehicle “Most don’t like the
Havoc because it’s silly. I agree, it is.”

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