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Month: June, 2005

In Good Company

Watched In Good Company again tonight. I really like this one. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-06.html#29)

Join us now and share the software

Scott McNealy: We have a strategy that’s very different from everybody else’s, and it’s community development. The way we say that is with the S curve in all our new literature. It’s not for Scott, it’s not for Sun, it’s for “share.” We’re grabbing that word and saying, of anybody, we own the word “share.” […]

Desktop Developer’s Conference

Speakers are now posted for the conference July 18-19. This will be a fun working event similar to the Boston GNOME Summit, with some talks mixed in. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-06.html#20)


Finally back home. GUADEC was great this year, and the first Red Hat Summit was a big success as well. I enjoyed Bruce Mau’s tour of the Massive Change exhibit and survived crazy stunts like shutting down some New Orleans roads to march the entire conference down the street behind a marching band playing Britney […]

Back online

For the record, there are no kids on the way (despite a series of carefully coordinated blog posts claiming otherwise suspiciously appearing while I was flying over the Atlantic). Glynn is definitely getting hitched though. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-06.html#1)