by havoc

Finally back home. GUADEC was great this year, and the first Red Hat
Summit was a big success as well. I enjoyed Bruce Mau’s tour of the Massive
exhibit and survived crazy stunts like shutting down some
New Orleans roads to march the entire conference down the street
behind a marching band playing Britney Spears. I was sad to miss
GUADEC talks such as DreamWorks and Glynn’s retrospective. I’d
forgotten about Gnomine embedded in Gnumeric; those were the days.

The main virtue of traveling as far as I can tell is that I get a
chance to read books. I picked up Shadow of the Wind by Carlos
Ruiz Zafón at random, and enjoyed it very much. Great plot (mystery,
romance, and all that) and well-written. Highly recommended way to
pass some hours.

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