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Month: October, 2005

It’s only technology

Interesting article on web 2.0 from Nicholas Carr, in which he talks about gratis-but-amateur-and-often-crappy vs. costs-money-but-professional. Following links from IT Doesn’t Matter (which he also wrote, and I guess it caused a big furor), I found why IBM and Dell are the most successful hardware companies. The claim in brief: because Dell is the cheapest […]


This was on TV when I powered it on tonight. It involves Sylvester Stallone singing country music, for example while sitting on a picnic blanket with Dolly Parton strumming acoustic guitar. IMDB trivia item: Original screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson was so offended by Sylvester Stallone’s extensive re-working of his original screenplay that he briefly considered […]

Employment Opportunity

We are currently hiring a software developer at Red Hat to join a small project team I’m on. The first attribute we are looking for is that you are an extremely good developer, where “good” means both “smart” and “professional.” Slightly more detailed requirements of the current project are: You know a lot about coding […]

Tagged bookmarks

Did Epiphany seriously switch away from tag-based bookmarks right when the whole web 2.0 crowd is having a collective hype-gasm about tagging and folksonomy? Epiphany was there first! Obviously the missing piece is to make tags appear in a larger font according to popularity, thus harnessing more collective intelligence. So web 1.0, people. Get with […]


Thomas, the whole thing you’re doing (figuring out what to start) is not intended to exist – the norm would be that the daemon starts automatically in the init script, and GNOME autostarts the tray icon. But I believe the RPM doesn’t autostart stuff yet because it’s all beta/experimental/dorks-only and it breaks on certain kernel […]

Java server programming

I think Chris is right about this, Java’s convenience has been hampered by the license. JPackage helps on some level but I’m not convinced putting Java into the UNIX binary packaging mold is exactly what you want, and JPackage can’t redistribute all the Java core runtimes that people use. As gcj/Classpath matures it will help […]


I have a new JavaScript theory which is that they were LISP-envious. They were all “you know, Lisp had it right to design the language around the One True data structure – they just had the wrong one. So our new language is not list processing, it’s HASH TABLE PROCESSING. HOLY SHIT. SCOPES ARE HASHES. […]