Employment Opportunity

by havoc

We are currently hiring a software developer at Red
to join a small project team I’m on. The first
attribute we are looking for is that you are an extremely good
developer, where “good” means both “smart” and

Slightly more detailed requirements of the current project are:

  • You know a lot about coding and deploying scalable server-side
    software, especially using Java. You are an expert in servlets,
    databases, and the layers in between. The more hands-on experience you
    have with big rooms full of servers and making code use them
    effectively, the more we want to talk to you.
  • You want to use these skills to have an impact on people’s lives.
  • You are interested in the risks, rewards, and hard work of trying to
    build a new sustainable business around new unproven software.
  • You can get to the Boston area and get started in the near future. It
    is not possible to telecommute to this job.
  • To have the skills and expertise we’re looking for, you have probably
    written several hundred thousand lines of code in your lifetime
    (i.e. you have a few years of experience). You should be comfortable
    designing and implementing complicated software from the ground up.

When/if we have a more thorough and official job description I will
post that also, but in the meantime don’t be shy about sending a
resume to hp@redhat.com, put “JOB”
in the subject, and I will forward it along. If you have some sample
code that is legally permissible to share with us, some examples of
your work would be extremely helpful as well. Hope to hear from you.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2005-10.html#24)

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