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Month: June, 2006

Continental Through Newark

Elijah, my wife and I just spent Tuesday night in Newark. On a round trip through Newark on Continental, we missed the connection both times due to a delayed first flight, spent an hour sitting on the runway twice on two different flights, and all four flights were delayed. It’s been a while since I […]

Tim Brown on Design, Seth Godin on Switching

Some may have read our attempt to summarize and bibliography design thinking, for an alternate take Donald just found a great video from Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. At Red Hat we’re using a “7 steps” way to explain things, Tim Brown one-ups that with 3 phases (inspiration, ideation, execution) and then he nests more […]


Good comments from Joe, inspiring me to ramble a bit in a loosely-related way… I haven’t really written my “personal thoughts” blog about Mugshot yet. First, let’s not overcomplicate things by thinking there’s more to “get” than there is… our goal was to get something out as quickly as we could that showed the kind […]

Group chat

Luis, a couple quick fixes I can think of would be: add “swarm” notification to the group chat (see “Join Chat” on group pages), right now if you join there’s no way for other people to know there’s a conversation happening display AIM and other type of IM links on people’s /person pages, possibly also […]