Tim Brown on Design, Seth Godin on Switching

by havoc

Some may have read our attempt to
summarize and bibliography design thinking
, for an alternate take
Donald just found a great video
from Tim Brown
, CEO of IDEO. At Red Hat we’re using a “7 steps”
way to explain things, Tim Brown one-ups that with 3 phases (inspiration,
ideation, execution) and then he nests more detailed steps across the
phases. Multilayered! Consider my mind blown by the IDEO experts.

More seriously, things I thought were really interesting in this video
included the emphasis on culture and empathy and not just process, and
I liked the discussion around the Venn diagram about how design,
engineering, and business relate.

BTW if you are grudgingly interested in this design stuff but
have “buzzword allergy” two recommendations I’d make
are the old
Nightline video

showing IDEO making a shopping cart (you
have to pay for it, but you can see the activities rather than read
about them) and Designing
for People
which is from a pre-buzzword age. IDEO’s Art
of Innovation
is pretty straightforward too.

Seth Godin started
some blog conversation
about getting people to switch from one product to another in an
existing category, interesting if you read the various comments and
posts some of which relate to Firefox, Linux, etc.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2006-06.html#13)

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