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Month: July, 2006

Open Source and Services

To me open source vs. proprietary isn’t a good vs. evil question, simply two different things with different costs and benefits. That said, open source tilts the benefits toward users over software companies, all else being equal. That’s why open source evangelism makes sense. Since the Internet appeared, a trend in the software industry has […]

D-Bus performance

To save people time, here is some already-known info on D-Bus performance. Please read this post and a short followup about the new recursive type marshaling stuff slowing down those numbers a bit. I think there may be a couple other relevant mails in the archives, but not finding them right now. Be sure the […]

Newspapers and Income

A couple weeks ago I learned several new things from a talk Is Media Performance Democracy’s Critical Issue? – the short version is that newspapers used to aim for 100% circulation, but now aim for “top 40% of income” circulation – subscribers below the top 40% apparently increase newspaper expenses but advertisers don’t want to […]

Preach On Luis

Several great posts from Luis. I mentioned it in passing a few posts ago, but I still think the “what is gnome?” on www.gnome.org could use a lot of work: “GNOME offers an easy to understand desktop for your Linux or UNIX computer.” I’d kill the words “desktop”, “easy”, “Linux/UNIX”, and “computer” for starters. What […]