Newspapers and Income

by havoc

A couple weeks ago I learned several new things from a talk Is
Media Performance Democracy’s Critical Issue?
– the short version
is that newspapers used to aim for 100% circulation, but now aim for
“top 40% of income” circulation – subscribers below the top 40%
apparently increase newspaper expenses but advertisers don’t want to
pay extra to reach them. i.e. most advertisers are selling expensive
stuff. The talk goes into more detail and has
other things to say as well, highly recommend reading it.

In the talk, Tom Stites analyzes an issue of the Boston Globe showing
how most of the articles weren’t relevant unless you had enough
disposable income. Was reminded of it with today’s Globe
magazine cover
, “The $100 meal may be chic, but it’s not for everyone…
Just $11 gets you Picco’s haddock tacos topped with avocado

Wouldn’t a plate of 3 tacos normally be about $3?

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