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Month: October, 2006

D-Bus Docs

Since John is about ready to release D-Bus 1.0 I thought I’d finally fix up all the warnings from Doxygen. The API reference docs were mostly complete already, but I found a surprising number of inaccuracies (some things were wildly wrong or misleading, since the library has evolved so much since they were written). I […]

Dynamic language bindings

Andrew Cowie blogs about dynamically building Java-GNOME by messing with bytecode. These bytecode-munging libraries are fascinating in a “wow, that’s pretty cool” way. (valgrind does the same thing, but with machine code instead of bytecode – valgrind is also fun to play with.) When I looked at some of these libs, I thought ASM looked […]

Source control

People keep acting like it’s nuts to use Subversion instead of git (or one of the other long list of distributed alternatives), and I feel like I’m just missing something or getting too old to understand the kids today. I found an old series of blog posts about how the different models support different community […]

Text layout that works properly?

For the version of Mugshot we’re going to release shortly, we redid the UI (it looks something like this [link went away over the years, sorry…]). Amazingly, there’s no good cross-platform way to implement a custom UI along these lines. The old version of Mugshot uses an embedded IE control on Windows and a custom […]