D-Bus Docs

by havoc

Since John is about ready to release D-Bus 1.0 I thought I’d finally
fix up all the warnings from Doxygen. The API reference docs were
mostly complete already, but I found a surprising number of
inaccuracies (some things were wildly wrong or misleading, since the
library has evolved so much since they were written). I also added a
lot of recommendations, extra detail, and reworded stuff for
consistency and clarity. Hopefully future API users will be much
better off.

out the results
, and please send improvements.

I noticed that Doxygen is generating man pages for the whole
D-Bus API, though nobody is installing them in packages right
now. Sometimes “man dbus_connection_open” can be nicer than searching
the web.

Jeroen Vermeulen wrote a nice intro to
worth checking out also.

My sincere hope is that libdbus is basically done, and that most
feature requests will be rejected after 1.0. The higher-level
bindings, on the other hand, can still use a lot of work. The tutorial
(as opposed to reference) docs and the spec need help. And the test
suite can always be stronger, it’s suffered since gcov kept changing
its format and my “make coverage-report” feature bit-rotted.

(This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2006-10.html#21)

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