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Month: November, 2006


Tomorrow our Wii is supposed to show up. According to a couple reviews so far, such as this one, Twilight Princess is the best Zelda ever (which of course means it’s in the running for best game ever, period). Often I do some kind of coding project over Thanksgiving vacation, but this year I guess […]

Qt D-Bus Viewer

One of my D-Bus wishes is already squared away in the form of a viewer that comes with Qt, hopefully distributions will be shipping with this soon. (This post was originally found at http://log.ometer.com/2006-11.html#15)

Dylan Concert

I went to a fantastic Dylan concert on Sunday night at Boston University. I’ve been to quite a few of his concerts over the last 15 years or so, and this was one of the best. If you haven’t heard his new album, it’s well worth it, even a lot of non-Dylan-fans have been appreciating […]

Iranian Export Control

Roozbeh, I have no objective way to know if you or Red Hat’s lawyers have the correct interpretation of US law and Fedora’s EULA language. However, I’m tempted to take into account that 1) they are lawyers 2) they wrote the EULA in the first place 3) they talk to the FSF and OSI all […]


I’m a moron for posting on this topic, but does this make any sense? Payments are being made but nobody admits there’s any reason to make them? (Other than these 348 million reasons.) Of course, Novell doesn’t have to say there are patents. They just let Microsoft offer the customer “protection” “in case your house […]

Stacking blocks – my kid could do that!

I spent half the weekend rearranging Mugshot server code to make it easy to add new kinds of “block” (online happenings the site and client app will keep track of). I’m becoming a huge fan of Java and Eclipse server-side development. I think it gets a bad rap because of certain suckages (EJB 2, JSF, […]

D-Bus 1.0

John is threatening to roll the D-Bus low-level API 1.0 tarball in a couple of days. I just looked back in the ChangeLog: 2002-11-21 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> * Initial module creation Coming right up on year 4. Now that’s what I call a conservative release schedule! The last big API change I believe was: 2005-01-15 […]