Dylan Concert

by havoc

I went to a fantastic Dylan concert on Sunday night at Boston
University. I’ve been to quite a few of his concerts over the last 15
years or so, and this was one of the best. If you haven’t heard his
new album, it’s well worth it, even a lot of non-Dylan-fans have been
appreciating it. There are a couple more shows left in this tour, one
at Amherst and one in New York I think.

The audience was a lot more age-diverse than usual – maybe in part due
to the Raconteurs opening and the BU location. There were a lot of
parents with their kids, and plenty of college-age people. But the
whole crowd stayed for Dylan and seemed into it, even the stuff off
the new album. All the Raconteurs stayed too, watching from the side
of the stage.

I wasn’t looking forward to an arena show, but it turned out our
tickets were on the third row (which wasn’t apparent from the seating
chart) and that Agganis Arena is not very big and has good sound.

A block of songs at the start of the set were nothing but harsh:
(Tales of Yankee Power)
, Honest
With Me
, Positively
4th Street
, and Masters of
. Amy says Jack White was getting all into Masters of War and
singing along. (Entire set

I’m kind of sad I missed the previous night, in the same arena;
the songs were
mostly different
and included several of my favorites. But this
was a great performance.

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