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Month: April, 2007


Alex, you heard from Bryan early on. He asked for your help/input. Let me clarify some points: You say you “first learned” about our stuff “a few weeks ago” as if that meant there was some secret conspiracy before that; but “a few weeks ago” is pretty much when we started working on it. FUDCON […]

GNOME Online Desktop

The Mugshot team has been off learning what we can about all kinds of not-traditionally-open-source technologies and audiences, but recently we’ve started thinking about how to roll the knowledge back into the Linux desktop. Here’s an update (all heavily biased by my personal point of view). Tuning for an Audience From an interview with Dave […]

Find and Browse Apps

The Mugshot applications pages show which apps people are using most on Linux. We just updated the site and Mugshot client to add some new features: If you don’t have the app installed, and Mugshot understands your OS, there will be an “Install Now” link right on the web page. If you do have the […]