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by havoc

The Mugshot applications
pages show which apps people are using most on Linux.

We just updated the site and Mugshot client to add some new features:

  • If you don’t have the app installed, and Mugshot understands your
    OS, there will be an “Install Now” link right on the web page.
  • If you do have the app installed, there will be a “Run It” link
    right on the web page.
  • The application pages can be edited wiki-style to add a
    description and so forth for each app (very basic and rough UI on this
    right now).

You can probably imagine lots of interesting directions to evolve

Right now, two things you might be interested in:

  • If your distribution isn’t supported, you won’t get Install and
    Run links; look
    for more on how to help add support for your distribution.
  • If you maintain or have an interest in a particular application, you
    might want to update the description and other information about it.
    Go to the application’s page on Mugshot and click on the link to edit
    it (you must be logged in to Mugshot).

Feel free to ask questions or send comments to the mailing list.

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