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Month: June, 2007

No More Spaces

If you haven’t seen Marc Andreessen’s new blog, it is very worthwhile. (2015 update: Marc’s blog doesn’t exist anymore except as an ebook, so all links to it below are 404, don’t try to click them. Other than adding this note, this post is the same as it was written in 2007.) Among others I […]

New GTK+ Book

Apress sent me a free copy of Foundations of GTK+ Development by Andrew Krause. On gtkbook.com, Andrew has some sample chapters, supplementary articles, and an eBook version. As far as I know, this is the only up-to-date GTK+ book. It’s introductory-level and strikes a nice balance of tutorial and reference. It goes through the major […]

Finding Your Local Network, part 2

I got a fair bit of useful feedback on my last post about local service discovery. I also have some initial code up and running to illustrate the approach. (This code requires D-Bus 1.1.1 or higher.) For now the code uses a straightforward but probably too inefficient implementation, where each session connects to each other […]

Finding Your Local Network

At Red Hat’s somewhat-in-the-vicinity-of-Boston offices, a few of us have been trying to understand the local service discovery and presence work others have been doing and figure out how we’d use it to do cool things in apps. Today I’ll blog ideas and questions about local service discovery and later I have some additional questions […]

Source Control Insanity

I’ve been known to complain about the number of newfangled source control systems in the past; today it’s really biting me. To build the Telekinesis stack requires 1) cvs 2) svn 3) git 4) darcs and 5) mercurial. I’m thinking of writing something that uses the stack and checking it into bzr, just for completeness. […]